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We’ve been working alongside some of the world’s most forward-thinking business leaders for more than 20 years. Time and again, we’ve found that the behaviors great leaders exhibit fit into four core capabilities.


The ability to imagine and make solutions that create new value.


The ability to see possibilities where others see problems.


The ability to build belief and inspire action.


The ability to activate the best in others.

Curious about how your leadership stacks up?


Within these capabilities are the behaviors that every leader needs, delivered in a method that’s tried and tested. It’s not just science and research. It’s a point of view on leadership behavior change that has already transformed top leaders around the world and helped their teams thrive.


Personal Relevance
How are we helping people connect their work to their own values and goals? How might we more closely align everyday actions to a deeper sense of purpose so that an individual is more awake and alive to their full potential?

Emotional Drivers
What emotion is driving people today—fear that something bad will happen, or optimism in pursuit of something good? What emotion do we want to inspire in the work ahead?

Support Systems
How are people being supported and cared for in a way that reinforces the right behaviors? Where are the gaps?

Group Cohesion
How are we nurturing and building strong teams? How might we ensure that new behaviors and initiatives create unity, rather than disruption?

Sense of Belonging
How are we creating a sense of belonging within teams and in the broader organization? What permissions and conditions will enable everyone to show up as their best selves?

Rewards & Recognition
What behaviors get recognized and rewarded in our culture? What new behaviors need to be acknowledged? What old behaviors must stop?

Leadership Role Modeling
How often do senior leaders and respected figures model change for the rest of the organization? What behaviors might they model more strongly?

Social Norms
How are the social norms within our culture (or society at large) affecting our ability to create change? How might we harness norms to our benefit, or create new rituals to make behaviors stick?


Level of Competence
What are the current gaps in skills and knowledge required to enact change? How might we better train/mentor/advise our people?

Access to Resources
What resources are required for change to take place? How might we get creative with how we invest, allocate resources, and partner to maximize our impact?

Clarity of Communication
How are vision, strategy, and expectations being communicated? How might we use storytelling, a new frame, or a different medium to communicate in a more compelling and authentic way?

Distribution of Effort/Skill
How are we managing the responsibility (and impact) of change across different roles and teams? How might we be more deliberate about the experience of each constituent?

Space & Infrastructure
What does our physical environment say about what we value? How might we use it to both catalyze and reinforce the right behaviors?

Organizational Policy
How do our organization’s existing policies support (or impede) our desired behaviors and outcomes? What policies or structures must be redesigned?

How do current societal policies and movements—legal and political—affect our ability to enact change?

Real leaders. Real impact.

“My Leadfully Advisor armed me with strategies for handling uncertainty at work in creative and confident ways. I’m someone who really likes to know the whole picture, but often, that’s just not possible. My advisor helped me realize that there are ways to create my way out of a problem. I’d never understood the idea of creative leadership that way before.”

Andrew Miller

Strategy Director, Interbrand

“Leadfully really helped transform my thought process and behavior, which has made managing the chaos much less challenging and far more productive.”

Alex Bornoff

Brand Development, Innovation Protocol

“I love that Leadfully brings a curriculum that adapts to meet me where I am and helps me take a huge step forward. Each week I have a new realization that translates into immediate action I can apply to my work and my team.”

Stephen Greene

Development Practice Leader, IBM


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