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Being a leader today takes emotional intelligence and the know-how to harness the guts, grit, and ingenuity of a team. We’ve identified the new core competencies that distinguish 21st-century leadership so you can see how you stack up and how you can develop.


Leadership in the 21st century is a journey — to make progress, you have to know where you stand. Here’s what you’ll learn from our assessment.

Your current stage as a 21st-century leader — you’ll see where you’ve been and where you can go from here.

Your leadership strengths and behavioral tendencies as well as where you feel most motivated to improve.

Your path forward as a leader, with recommendations and resources that will set you on your way.


The leadership landscape has changed. Navigating disruption, adapting to change, tackling the unknown — these are the challenges facing leaders today. These 21st-century challenges call for leaders who can push their teams forward, even in the face of uncertainty. But what does that kind of leadership require.

Based on decades of advising leaders and companies through transformative moments, we learned that there are four core capabilities essential to successful 21st-century leadership: Optimism, Creativity, Authentic Communication, and Humanity.

At Leadfully, we’ve made it our business to create and offer effective ways for every leader to understand and develop these capabilities. It’s a personal and professional journey — and our leadership assessment is a great place to start.