Leading into the Unknown

A one-day immersive experience to help leaders practice and adopt transformational leadership skills.

A human-centered approach

The world is becoming increasingly ambiguous — the old rules just don’t work, and the new ones change constantly. Today’s leaders need a new set of capabilities that equip them to be resilient and effective in the face of unrelenting disruption.

Leading into the Unknown is a one-day workshop designed to energize and engage leaders, equipping them with approaches and ideas for leading in the face of uncertainty. Give your leaders the space to leave their day-to-day behind and actively learn and apply new leadership concepts — hearing from experts, breaking out into hands-on sessions, and prototyping solutions with fellow leaders.

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21st-century leadership skills

Based on SYPartners’ 20+ years of experience transforming leaders and organizations, Leading into the Unknown focuses on four key capabilities:


See and describe the possibilities ahead to enlist your colleagues’ faith and enthusiasm.


Imagine a next step and bravely prototype your way forward, even if the path isn’t clear.


Make sense of the moment your organization is in, using storytelling to build belief.

Authentic Communication

Create the conditions that will bring out people’s best selves and set them up to succeed.

The event offers structured guidance and ample opportunities for leaders to immediately apply new concepts to their day-to-day work. They emerge with greater clarity and confidence to face the challenges — and celebrate the joys — of leadership in the 21st century, bringing that spirit to their companies and their teams.

What the workshop includes

A proven methodology and approach, including expert design and facilitation
Individual workbooks and supporting materials to turn insights into action
Guest speaker preparation and coaching to illuminate core concepts

Leading into the Unknown events are designed to inspire and engage groups from 25 to 150+ participants.

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