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At Leadfully, we believe everyone has Superpowers: innate talents or abilities that are part of who you are. Knowing your superpower (and recognizing others’) can help you become a better leader.

But what is it actually like to work with these superpowers? In this series, we ask real people to share their experiences and shed some light on what inspires them, what frustrates them, and how their superpowers have helped them show up for their teams.

Who doesn’t wish for boundless amounts of energy? Energizers are always ready to dive in, lift spirits, and get the party started. They have the innate ability to bring a lightness to everything they do and lift up the people around them. They can help the team when people are feeling drained or whenever there’s a lull in the overall level of joy.

This week, Caleb Rabinowitz, SYPartners’ VP of Business Development, tells us about how he uses his Superpower to take on the day.

Has Energy always been your superpower, or has it evolved over time?
It’s something I’ve had for years. When I was young, it would interfere with my classes and make my friends crazy. Too much energy, or the undirected kind, can be a bit problematic.

It has evolved over the years. I use it to concentrate on problems or as a source of inspiration and optimism. It helps me stay curious and always learning. It also works well for my health and family, forcing me to be disciplined in how my energy is directed. It’s also something I’ve found can be infectious (both for good and bad), so I’ve learned to control it better.

How does Energy show up in your life and day-to-day work?
I start my days early, at 5 a.m. Energy is the culprit for my being an early bird. I wake up ready for the day, hungry for what I’ll learn, face, and deliver. I bring it to all of my conversations, whether in a structured way or to offer tangents of creativity. I try to share it too, using it as source of light to lift up my teams and peers. And, sometimes, when it’s dim, I have to rest and accept that my superpower can also be depleted.

Do any of your teammates share the same superpower as you, or are you a rare case?
I see energy as a superpower in many of my teammates and fellow creative leaders. Combined energy is amazing. I love when I’m with a duo or team and see energy sparking around an amazing idea or a great piece of work. This is something I truly live for. And I love seeing energy among my teams in great conversations, searching and exploring for the best ideas or the surprise in everything.

Tell us about time when you used Energy for good.
I’m using right now as we shape our future relationships and the great work we seek in the world. Currently, I see energy as a thirst for my life’s work and I’m doing my best to spread this energy to help tackle new ideas and sticky problems. Sometimes you have to remind people what we’re living for and working towards — energy is a great way to communicate this. Our work is both a sprint and a marathon and I use my energy for both.

Does Energy come with any challenges or weaknesses? What do you do to combat these?
Yes, energy comes with challenges. I can’t always summon it up as I wish. I sometimes need to be provoked or have it challenged. When it’s facing an equal force, I do sense that it recedes or rests. I try to pace my energy through discipline. And these days, I try to be more and more focused on the long game. Dents in the universe are not made in an instant — lots of recurrent energy is needed to make a great impact.

What do you wish people understood better about your superpower?
That energy is sometimes unpredictable. Sometimes it is purely good and full of clear, powerful intent. Sometimes, it gets sidetracked and needs time to return to the moment.

Above all, I want people to understand that I need their energy to realize my own superpower. It’s not an individual power — it’s a power that achieves greatness in collaboration.

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