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By LeadfullyMay 11, 2017

Leadfully platform

In November 2015, we launched Leadfully to help leaders develop new behaviors and ways of working that are essential to leadership today. We had learned a lot from our parent company, SYPartners, and its 20+ years of experience transforming leaders and their organizations. And we wanted to share it with leaders like you.

Last fall, we launched an advisory service for the purpose of helping every leader transform into the type of leader who can navigate the unknown and build the skill set we consider essential to 21st-century leadership.

Today, we’re proud to announce our first major update to Leadfully — a new online platform with several key features:

  • Goal setting
  • Action list
  • Session reflections

Together, the new features create greater personal accountability to support leadership development goals. Taken with the other improvements we’ve made to Leadfully Advising, the platform now offers a richer and more robust learning and development experience for leaders and their advisors alike.

Goal setting: Start with clear vision of your leadership, your intention to grow, and the outcomes you hope to achieve.

Action list: Commit to taking action to apply what you learn — and keep track of those action items between advising sessions.

Session reflection: Reflect on what you’ve learned from session to session, gaining new insights and creating a feedback loop with your advisor.

These features reinforce our belief that individuals shift their behavior through a combination of learning experiences, follow-through actions, and moments of reflection. We’ve embedded that understanding in our approach to leadership development — our advisors, who are all seasoned leaders, guide you in learning new behaviors, applying them through intentional, action-based practice, and reflecting on the outcomes of those actions to move you forward in your learning.

Learn more and get started.

If you’re looking to step up your own leadership or develop stronger leaders in your organization, learn more about how Leadfully Advising might work for you. Contact us for a free consultation and find out how we can match our offerings to your needs.

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At Leadfully, we believe in superpowers. Superpowers are the strengths that define us. Not skills or areas of expertise that we learn over time, like managing projects or creating presentations, but innate talents or capacities that are part of our identity — for instance, creative thinking, problem solving, or grit. When you’re channeling your superpower, you’re totally in your element. On a team, knowing what superpower each person brings lets you take advantage of the team’s full inherent potential. As leaders, our job is to discover those individual strengths and create opportunities for them to shine. Look for complementary strengths Create powerful duos by pairing up people with complementary superpowers — for instance, someone who’s strong in systems thinking with someone who’s strong in experimentation. Working with someone whose superpower complements your own helps fill in any gaps or weaknesses in how you might approach the work alone. Finding complements will also reveal which superpowers don’t mix so well. A peacemaker and a provocateur, for example, may not see eye to eye. Plan for potential conflicts by understanding where people’s strengths might work at cross purposes. Strive for balance A team is usually more effective when there’s both a diversity

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